pagingagentgraham asked: Hi I've come to tell you I fangirl about your art styles, they're utterly precious and adorable.

Ohhh <333

Thank you! I’m so honored to be the object of fangirling.

Precious and adorable is what we aim for over here.

Fred squared. They like to share vegetarian recipes and gossip.

sprawling idiot effigy

so this is pretty old at this point, but i’m finally able to post my piece from the cabin pressure artbook!

themightyviola asked: I'm in love with that little Hannibal doodle you just posted

oh gawrsh michaela ;3;


dead in the water // a mix for hannibal season two

do you stalk, or do you lure?

1. stand by me (n.b. haunt) - mona // 2. of the night - bastille // 3. who are you, really? - mikky ekko // 4. what the water gave me - florence + the machine // 5. i follow rivers - lykke li // 6. run boy run - woodkid // 7. blinding - florence + the machine // 8. lose your soul - dead man’s bones // 9. sans soleil - miike snow // 10. roslyn - bon iver + st. vincent // 11. pan’s labyrinth lullaby - javier navarrete // 12. you’ve got the love - the xx // 13. afraid - the neighbourhood // 14. take me somewhere nice - mogwai // 15. house of the rising sun - lauren o’connel // 16. seven devils - florence + the machine // 17. desperately safe - alias conrad coldwood // 18. daniel in the den - bastille // 19. ride - white lies // 20. smile like you mean it - tally hall // 21. in the hall of the mountain king - trent reznor + atticus ross // 22. immigrant song - trent reznor + atticus ross feat. karen o

thehobosapien asked: i'm stuck with this theme for quite a while now. whenever i find a new one, it's just not as good as this one, so yep hahah and yea, i like how big the pictures are displayed. plus the tags and all lol. you have no idea how much time and pain i wasted to pimp my blog o-|-< but thanks lol. your art surely has more class than mine hahah keep up the good work, senpai lol i'll be stalking your art forever~ //shot

Yeah, I haven’t found a better one for art and I don’t think I will for a while. I like the fancy redux theme I have on my main, but I think the bells and whistles might sort of distract from the pictures. That and it took me way too long to fix the html for the theme on my main, and way too many internet tutorials.

Awww ;w; Senpai???

I don’t mind stalking, at least not art stalking. I appreciate it!

You too! I see your art around a lot and your comics always get a smile out of me.

jimzuccofromit asked: Your art style is like a bunch of cute little chubby fluffy babies

Awwww!!! I’m really into cute little fluffy babies and cherubs and whatnot, so I take that as a huge compliment. I enjoy drawing that way. I like getting realistic sometimes, but I feel that I do best when I stylize things a lot.

nohomophone asked: ur art is super cute, just like you. its got nice smooth lines and u have a great eye for color. it sometimes feels kind of dreamlike because the lines kind of swoop into the next to make form. it def reminds me of u because its rly nice and easy going with no tension and just soothing to look at. it reminds me of quiet moments we've had but it also reminds me of the spring/early summer for some reason. idk its just p relaxing and makes me feel at ease ;w;

Kelly boo ;o; my lemon horse

This is one of the nicest things I have ever heard and now I am getting all emotional because spring and early summer are so beautiful and lovely and they feel so nice and if my art reminds you of that I just *gestures wildly*

For some reason when I draw I tend to think of you a lot. It’s probably because you’re the only person I ever really draw with. All my memories of art class involve me sitting right next to you and us both working, and I also have so many memories of us drawing together outside of art class, like in my room at my desk, or in food science, or in math, or at your house way back when in the naruto years with our portraits of king douche. A lot of the time when i’m not sure what I want to draw or paint, I come back to a memory of doing something with you and I think about how cinematic and beautiful it would be if I could just draw it exactly as it was.

Like at the Florence concert, or in the car on the way back from Coldplay, or your 16th birthday or like cuddling in my basement with you or you drizzling caramel sauce on the sidewalk that one night when we watched Sherlock together, or us napping in your room after the practice WHAP AP. I could have an entire Kelly series. There are just so many important memories I could put down. Also, if I could paint the smell of Bengay it would totally go in there you, because I will always associate that sort of minty smell with you. I saw Bengay in the aisle at cvs the other week and got all like “I miss my Kelly” which was hella gay.

This is getting all ultra long and emotional but when I see your art it always reminds me of things like random days of the life in high school, and hanging out with you in the summer stuff and a lot of good things. I can’t wait for summer. I won’t have mono this year so we can go to the beach a lot and listen to more studio killers on the beach and hopefully not burn all our skin off.

Yeah. I just miss you a heck of a lot and being at home at this time of year has been making me think of it. Soon!