some weird looking shit i drew baked

i felt like i was exerting so much pressure on the pencil the entire time and i also clearly stopped giving a shit about limb length

something i doodled in starbucks waiting for brooke the other night

idk why but somehow the girl on the right turned out looking a lot like me when i still had long hair 

don’t fuck w/

i sketched this out 2 months ago and never finished

my pokemon headcanon for Hannibal will always be Drowzee. Hypno works too but i prefer its baby self

more inktober

sort-of-Audrey Horne from absolutely 0 reference

inktober day 15??

ink pencil & prussian blue micron, so it totally counts

I’m working on my inktober during class right now
So much catching up

Inktober day 6

ocs/ bunny prince and flora

inktober day #2

i was watching the Oblivion video last night and I really love Claire’s costuming in it. the entire video, really.

more mspaint shit

the batter for my lemon horse kelly <3