sketches of the Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit I saw at the MOMA today.

Toulouse-Lautrec is one of my favorite artists of all time. His linework is beautiful and he always conveyed his subjects so tenderly and simply. He didn’t really agonize over the faces or the bodies, but they always turned out charming, and that’s something i’m trying so hard to learn.

I find the stories behind his work so moving. Most of his subjects were his friends, women who worked at the clubs in Montmartre. It’s said that he was the only man that many of them would allow to see them in their private rooms, where he drew them getting dressed or hanging out with their girlfriends. A whole wall in the exhibit was devoted to the portfolio Elles, which was a commercial failure because people expected the drawings of the inside of brothels to be sexy, and instead found intimate drawings of the artist’s friends sleeping and kissing.

i liked this enough to scan it and clean it up

squishy cheeks uwuuuu

version without the bg because i have no idea what i’m doin

the digital painting learning curve is apparently a steep one for me

i feel blergh and I’m drawing blergh but siren is great siren is good

i was referencing isabella’s selfies while drawing hands a week or so ago and ended up just drawing her entire face because it was such a nice pose and she’s v cute and brood-y

i was going to make a set of a bunch of my friends but she mentioned people drawing her tonight so now’s a good a time as any ;v;


*heavy breathing* art… school….

i don’t know what urge possessed michaela to commission a sketch of hannibal lecter covered in squirrels, and i probably never will, but i hope this makes her feel complete in some way.

(edit: please look at this fullsize, the smaller image looks blurry :C)


ok so quick i need your help just for like 10 seconds

which of these pictures should i make a grid drawing of for class?

grid drawings terrify me

i think hugh would be the easiest because contrast and no facial hair but someone just tell me what to do because i’m torn

i love profiles and 3/4 view too so mads and martin are like yeee

and siobhan’s picture is just very soft so it might be more challenging but i’d be willing to try?

some leda-type situation sketch i did in class the other day

gonna try to paint it over this week