version without the bg because i have no idea what i’m doin

the digital painting learning curve is apparently a steep one for me

i feel blergh and I’m drawing blergh but siren is great siren is good

i was referencing isabella’s selfies while drawing hands a week or so ago and ended up just drawing her entire face because it was such a nice pose and she’s v cute and brood-y

i was going to make a set of a bunch of my friends but she mentioned people drawing her tonight so now’s a good a time as any ;v;


*heavy breathing* art… school….

i don’t know what urge possessed michaela to commission a sketch of hannibal lecter covered in squirrels, and i probably never will, but i hope this makes her feel complete in some way.

(edit: please look at this fullsize, the smaller image looks blurry :C)


ok so quick i need your help just for like 10 seconds

which of these pictures should i make a grid drawing of for class?

grid drawings terrify me

i think hugh would be the easiest because contrast and no facial hair but someone just tell me what to do because i’m torn

i love profiles and 3/4 view too so mads and martin are like yeee

and siobhan’s picture is just very soft so it might be more challenging but i’d be willing to try?

some leda-type situation sketch i did in class the other day

gonna try to paint it over this week

that’s not even a kiss, that’s absolutely disgusting

(for kiss meme/ear kiss)

capaow asked: Kiss art challenge hannigram 5? :)

did somebody say… ears?

jk, i’m not gonna go there. but one ear kiss is coming right up C: