nohomophone asked: dRAW RUSSIA/PRUSSIA

i will draw you anything my love <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

i wil draw you more than that i will draw you the world

this one came out really nice and clean idk

sketch dump II

Sketch dump I

sketch dump I

This one random chubby cherub popped out in the middle of a all my other doodles

APH sketches

//i never saw the light.

i waited up all night, 

i never saw the light//

somehow went from being the most intolerable manchild to one of the best-behaved characters in the span of four seasons

but of course nothing’s really changed, he just didn’t as many chances to be an asshole about petty things on s4 as he did to be not an asshole about important ones
  • it’s such a pretty world today
  • today and every day since i met you