I don’t think I’ve posted this one yet…

Art ruts, man

the darp

so i was working on a speedpaint when i took a nice look at the mouth 

and i was like /dang/ that’s probably one of the nicest mouths i’ve ever sloppily drawn


"Maybe," he said

"In what way?"

"I have no idea."

What fic is this please?

The fic is “Consenting to Dream” by Emungere on Ao3!

I recommend it 100%, if that needed to be said.

"Maybe," he said

"In what way?"

"I have no idea."

(Text is from “Consenting to Dream” by emungere)

vashkey asked: You're really pretty and you're an excellent artist!

Thank you!!! 

UWU have a wonderful night, kind person


Getting hella dolled up to see the cripple of inishmaan

Japanese Garden, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens